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"Colour is my day-long obsession, joy and torment." - Claude Monet

In this section you will discover DECOLED.

Ecoled offer a huge range of LED flexi-strip and Tape, single colour or colour changing for home, retail, signage or commercial applications.

Most of the DECOLED products in this section have installation images so be sure to have a good browse!

We are proud to have built Ecoled into one of the most recognizable brands worldwide for led strip lighting.

An ECOLED Flexi-Strip part code will typically read as GIBVF60WSWW. Part codes signify the characteristics of the Flexi-Strip so by dividing them up, you can understand the type or specify your individual requirement as follows:

Flexi-Strip is not IP rated as standard. The IP65 version is sealed from the front only and remains self adhesive whereas the IP68 version is sealed front AND back and is not well suited to self adhesion in which case mounting clips will be provided. If you require the IP rated strip, use the WS or WTE part codes to specify the type.
W - White 6000K/ WW - Warm White 3500K/ VWW - Very Warm White 2700K/ RGB - Colour Change/ R - Red/ G - Green/ B - Blue/ PNK - Pink/ P Purple/ A Amber/ Y Yellow. Please note we generally stock single colour White, Warm White and Blue as well as RGB however, other single colours are available to special order. Flexi-Strip has a typical viewing guide of 120.
According to the number of LEDs per metre, each have different power consumptions in Watts. To decide on the Power Supply Unit required, simply add up the number of metres on the circuit and multiply that by the Wattage per metre to calculate the total load. Then, specify the Power Supply Unit with an output value greater than that number. So, 60 LEDS per metre in single colour uses 5W per metre. Three metres = 15W therefore, an 18W PSU will be required as the load is too high for the 12W below. On the right we show the approximate Watts per metre of the different types of Flexi-Strip. Please note all our Flexi-Strip runs on 12Volts DC unless otherwise stated and 24Volts DC is available to order.

30 LEDs/ Metre - 2.5W per metre
60 LEDs/ Metre - 5W per metre
60 LEDs/ Metre X Hi-Power - 15W per metre
60 LEDs/ Metre RGB - 15W per metre
120 LEDs/ Metre - 10W per metre

Flexi-Strip can be dimmed by a range of means. Mains dimming by Trailing Edge, 0-10 Volt dimming or by Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). There are rules to follow however so to avoid problems, please seek the advice of the ECOLED office to ensure you specify the correct supplementary equipment required.
Flexi-Strip can be cut and configured to suit many different applications. 30 LEDs per metre can be cut every 100mm, 60 LEDs per metre every 50mm and 120 LEDs per metre every 25mm. Care should be taken by the installer to re-seal and protect the integrity of the joins when cutting and configuring the IP versions. Flexi-Strip will not go around corners. It must be cut at the appropriate point and a short length of cable added to make the bend.
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