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ECOLED Ltd offers a lighting design and consultancy service for both residential and commercial projects. We specialise in producing energy efficient, eco-friendly lighting and control solutions that are innovative, visually stunning and effortlessly functional.

Our team of experienced lighting designers work very closely with clients ranging from private individuals to interior designers and architects and our portfolio includes projects in the UK and overseas.

ECOLED believe that imagination, innovation and attention to detail are the foundations of all great lighting design. Our approach is simple to deliver the ideal lighting scheme based on aesthetics, function, flexibility and cost. We consistently deliver exceptional designs that perform to precise, client driven criteria.
A typical incandescent bulb has a lifespan of around 2,000 hours.

ECOLED lights are expected to have anoptimum performance life of over 50,000 hours with little degradation of light output. That is17 years in an average household (based on8 hours per day average use), ten times thelifespan of an compact fluorescent and 25 times longer than a filament lamp.

ECOLED lamps are solid state making them extremely robust and virtually eliminating maintenance or replacements.
ECOLED lights generate very little heat therefore providing secondary energy and cost reduction benefits such as reducing the workload of air conditioning systems.
Unlike compact fluorescents that need careful handling on disposal, ECOLED Lights are mercury free, manufactured in recycled materials as much as possible and may then be in turn recycled at the end of their life.
Conventional incandescent lighting can burn up to 25% of the home electricity budget!

Over its lifetime, a traditional lamp costs onaverage 30 times the original purchase price!

Ultra efficient LEDs are revolutionising thelighting industry by reducing energy use inlike for like luminaires by up to 90%!

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