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A Journey of Colour

During London Design Festival we visited the Chelsea Harbour Design Centre to view the latest installation by international artist Moritz Waldemeyer.


The intention of the immersive experience is to stimulate our emotional responses through the form of light, colour and movement. It takes the audience on a ‘journey of colour’ using octagonal LEDs that light up in an interactive response to colour textiles.

The installation is a 12 metre tunnel of LED coronas, representing the appearance of the sun during a solar eclipse.

Visitors were provided with a selection of various fabric swatches that were placed under a special camera. The lighting then undulates in response to the colours picked up in the swatches and these colours are projected throughout the tunnel.

Waldemeyer’s work is a contemporary and original experience, which perfectly encapsulates the link between art, light, fashion and design.

Find out more about Waldemeyer at: http://www.waldemeyer.com/

What can we take from these types of installations? Whether we are designing for an event, at a restaurant or in a home, light is a powerful tool that should be considered and always thought about throughout the designing process, often with the help of a lighting designer. But once these are designed and laid out correctly it is the individual who can take control of its power and create their own moods and atmospheres in the comfort of their own home or space.