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A Sense of Light

The term ‘immersive’ can be contextualised as the sense of feeling completely surrounded or absorbed in something. This type of experience stimulates our senses in a way that can be uplifting, relaxing or it can equally evoke a sense of anxiousness and restlessness.

Regardless of the intended response the aim is usually the same: to take the audience on an emotional journey. 


This year we saw an amazing demonstration of immersive lighting at Dutch Design Week.

The Aura installation materialises emotion and reflects it back to the user through the medium of light.

Visitors are hooked up to sensors that monitor brainwaves, heart rates and skin responses. Once inside the installation the participant can sit or lay on cushions whilst being played a musical composition. The emotional data was analysed and fed back to the user through a curtain of light that surrounded their space from above.

The installation uses different forms, colours and intensities of light to portray the emotional response of the participant.

The artist explains: “the installation symbolises the materialisation of internal metaphysical space into external physical space.”

On Your Wavelength

Aura reminded us of ‘On Your Wavelength’ by Marcus Lyall, which we saw last year. The installation allows you to control light patterns using just your mind.

The experiment allowed participants to use their brain functions and create a social space that reflected their inner self. The installation reacts to the participants’ concentration levels, responding as they focus and defocus.

As light engineers we are fascinated by the concept behind these installations and question: ‘how we can apply this type of technology in everyday lighting schemes’.

For us, it is all about the creation of drama through light and understanding how we can harness this in our designs. And who knows, perhaps one day we will no longer have a need for a control system!