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Bridging the Gap Between Decorative & Architectural Lighting

For as long as we can remember there has been a clear distinction between decorative and architectural lighting.

Decorative lighting is designed to be seen and complement the interior design / furnishings of the space, whilst providing soft illumination. Whereas architectural lighting is minimal and typically much more functional, designed to simply illuminate a space. 

However, at Ecoled, we didn’t see the sense in this one-dimensional approach, so we questioned: ‘can architectural lighting offer both form AND function.’

Sure, there’s many architectural fittings out in the market that look great and perform well, and for most projects we want the light to sit invisibly in the ceiling. Right?    


In an age of social sharing, we are exposed to a whole new catalogue of design inspiration. And this has led to our desire for more creative spaces (as subtle or garish as they may be).

Designers have always liked to blend and complement metal tones and finishes into their interior design, like having bronze plug sockets to match the same finishes as a door handle or light switch in the same room. But architectural lighting has rarely been considered as another design element to further enhance the design.

Depending on the design of the space, specialist finishes can keep the subtly and discreetness of a traditional architectural fitting, but also bring a new depth to the design. This fresh approach can significantly enhance a space and is the final element that can complete a design.


This was executed magnificently by interior designers, Sella Concept, who designed Ecoled’s bespoke trimless brass downlights (specified from the Zep 6 Eyeconic range) into Omar’s Place, a newly opened Mediterranean restaurant in London.

Omar's Place designed with Brass Zep 6 Eyeconic fittings

The brass finish of these miniature fittings blended beautifully with the pendants overhanging the bar and with the other brass elements designed into the space.


These lights added another design detail that accompanied the brass theme through the restaurant, whereas had this not been considered (like it often isn’t) the finish of a traditional architectural downlight would have clashed with the terracotta ceilings and underwhelmed the integrity of the finish…


We’re also seeing a change in the way ceilings are designed.

New materials, colours and textures are being introduced in an effort to draw our eyes upwards and make full use of a room. But does this mean that white could no longer be the go-to colour for ceilings and downlights.

Is ‘colour’ the new white?  



At our roots is a passion for finishing metals. Our parent company has a 135 year heritage in engineering and for the past 15 years our sister company Cadisch MDA has been developing premium finishes for their range of architectural metals used for large-scale cladding projects.

This experience has taught us a lot about the craft of finishing…

We design and manufacture every unit we make in the UK, which means we know exactly what our lights are made from. We have harnessed the skills of flawlessly finishing almost any desired effect into the smallest of designs. Our miniature fittings can be finished in any standard RAL (including special architectural finish powder coating), Plated and of course anodised in a range of premium finishes.


















Find out more at: flawless-finishes