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Commercial Lights

Latest technology solutions with quality designs

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600 x 600 PANEL

Recessed ultra-slim 595mm x 595mm artificial daylighting panel with market leading colour consistency daylight saving compatible dimmable driver which is available in discrete white powdercoated finish.


The ZEP 1 is a range of versatile reduced glare luminaires with minimalist bezel which provide outstanding value

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The ZEP4 is a high output, high efficiency low profile recessed luminaire suitable for commercial as well as hotel applications.


A range of compact and mid-sized aluminium linear luminaires with uniform light diffusion. Made from extruded aluminium with an anodised finish, with many mounting options for architectural detail. Available with a choice of DECO-STRIP linear light sources.


The ZEP3 is a range of miniature recessed floor/in-ground luminaires which is powerful yet discrete. This modular range can be used indoor as well as outdoor as accent or orientation lighting.

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ZEP 3 Inground Darklight Trim

Energy efficient halogen replacement premium floodlight with reduced glare tempered glass.


Robust mega output highbay with modern original design and dimmable driver made for extremely high ceilings to withstand harsh conditions.