Light Builder: Eco LED
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Light Builder

Design and Customise your luminaires to suit your project needs...

  1. 1 Choose a lighting category and product type
  2. 2 Customise the look and specifications
  3. 3 Once you have customised your product you can:
    • Save the product to your collection for future use
    • Request a quote for your bespoke product or complete project
    • Download a bespoke specification PDF
    • Download specific photometric data file

Build your Light

Choose a product range to start customising to build your perfect light.

Why Customise

We produce great products but customising your own means you get exactly what you need and pay for nothing extra.

Unique Lighting Effects

The end user is able to customise their lighting effect depending on, power (light output) optics (colour temperature and beam angle) and the colour or finish of the product designed...

Customised Colours & Finishes

The opportunity to select the specific colour and finish of the product allows for new and exciting ways of creating atmosphere on their project. We can achieve this by means of:

- Anodising to Ecoled's pre-defined anodised swatches
- Powder coating to any RAL colour
- Priming – to allow users to match paint used elsewhere.

Bespoke Specification Sheets

Our website is not simply a reference point but has been designed as an intuitive tool which saves time and provides transparency – a process which can be frustrating and painful in specifying lights with the complexities of a modular range.

Simply select the product that meets your project's needs and then have a unique specification sheet that relates to these choices – and at the press of a button a quote for your choice is sent to yourself and our sales team.

Endless Creation

There are over 750 different combinations to choose from... Creativity has never been easier! Personalise your product down to the very last detail so you get the exact lighting effect you want. Customised Colours & Finishes