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Design & Specification Director talks Flawless Finishes

Trevor has worked in the industry for almost 30 years and in that time he’s made he’s mark; he’s worked as an in-house lighting designer at Harrods, run his own lighting consultancy and until recently he was Managing Director at Nulty Bespoke. Now, Trevor joins Ecoled as our new Design and Specification Director.


Trevor shares our passion for flawless finishes and we caught up with him to ask what finishing means to him and why it is so important.

What value does the finish add for both form and function of a light?

The finish will make-or-break a product. It can enhance or camouflage the form and can directly affect the function in its durability, thickness and friction properties. Fundamentally, it protects the metal substrate from the environment.

When designing a product, it is critical to consider the finish up-front as this directly affects what materials are used, which then goes on to dictate the manufacturing methods.

What is your favourite finish and why?

I have to pick just one?! Ok, then I would go with plated antique bronze. There are so many variances in this finish it’s actually quite difficult to get a ‘nice’ antique bronze.

What finishing trends do you think we’ll see next year?

Plated copper, brass and bronze in polished, satin or antique finishes will remain ever-popular.

We’re also seeing quite a lot of rust or Verdigris effects in architecture at the moment so this could be popular next year.

What is special about the way Ecoled finish their lights?

We have a fundamental understanding of metals and how to finish them, be it plated, anodised or painted. With a heritage of 135 years, this is quite some experience.

What top tip would you give a client when it comes to selecting a finish?

I would say think about the environment in which the fitting is being mounted. This has a direct effect on the finish and its durability

Read more about Ecoled's flawless finishes at: /flawless-finish/