Design is in the detail: LED Lights and Lighting from ECOLED
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Design is in the detail

Design is in the detail

Whilst we're very proud of the technology behind our products, we're also very passionate about designing the 'front of house'...the bit you see. We understand that LED light can be intrusive. So to resolve this issue, we used LED technology as a golden opportunity to develop designs which break convention. We were amongst the first to design truly powerful, miniature fittings. Our (Led) Zep range of lighting is well respected within in the industry and has played a big part in our success. You could call it our very own 'stairway to heaven' but we know you'll find it so good you'll feel a 'whole lotta love' when you use it. We're a creative company to work with– but we always take lighting very seriously!


UK engineering and design is highly regarded all over the world. Our in-house design team develop products from first class componentry, brought together through a technology hub using different disciplines. We then bring our unique ranges to the market, which produce visually comfortable lights with striking personalities.

Many years of shaping metal and specifically dealing in LED has given us the skill to harness heat management in the smallest of designs. This coupled with our modular design approach gives our customers the benefits of an interchangeable range of products and light modules. Put simply, we produce sophisticated products which are reliable.

Our unique designs require specific tooling, moulds and assembly fixtures to meet our particular needs. We take quality seriously, which is why our bezels, for example, are machined in the UK to the tightest of tolerances and are made from either die cast aluminium or marine grade stainless steel. We have total control of our materials.


Yes we actually build them here. We continue to design and build our luminaires in the UK because it's the only way to ensure the necessary quality on our hand-built lights.