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Design Trends that are Shaping 2019

The New Year often brings us a new host of trends that influence and inspire our designs for the year ahead. And this January we’ve already seen these trends making their way into projects.

1. Less is More

Many designers are opting to steer away from ‘eclectic clutter’ and towards a minimalistic approach with the ethos of white & bright.

This style helps open up the home and allows us to focus in on the key design elements as opposed to being overwhelmed with clutter.

Simon Close, Notting Hill


Key Tip: Ecoled's discreetly miniature downlights provide uncompromised power output that helps declutter ceilings.


2. Sustainable Designs

This year we’ll continue to see the use of organic materials and earthy tones. These motifs can add warmth to a space (especially those which are white and minimalist), whilst also drawing upon considerations of what is best for the environment.

These tones can also strengthen our connection with nature, helping escape our stresses and provide a greater sense of wellbeing in the home.

Key tip: Ecoled’s flawless finishes allow you customise your downlight to match to any RAL colour and accentuate tones of a space, or even resemble the texture of materials such as wood.


3. Metal Mesh

Metallic designs are a sure fire way to inject personality and edginess into a space. And this year the introduction of mixed metals are set to be big.

We particularly love bespoke metal meshes in designs; they add textures, interest and individuality in a space, whilst showcasing the creativity of a designer. 

Cadisch MDA Perforated Staircase (as seen on Grand Designs)


Key Tip: Ask us about our partner company, Cadisch MDA who specialise in the supply of bespoke architectural metal. 


4. Feature Walls

Feature walls and oversized art are another way to add personality into a white, minimalistic space. It’s also a great way to bring culture and heritage into your space.

Key Tip: Add intelligent lighting to accentuate feature walls and artwork to transform it into the focal point of a room.


5. Add a Modern Twist to Vintage

This year we will see vintage pieces edging their way back into our designs, but reimagined in a modern context. 

We will gain the sense of history and nostalgia from the vintage element with the benefits of modern performance and/or design. 

We've already seen this trend surface in the fashion world with the resurgence of brands like Fila and we're also seeing it make its way into the engineering world with the reinvention of cafe racers and scrambler bikes that we thought we'd left in the 70s. 

Key Tip: Antique finishes with modern luminaires are a perfect way to introduce heritage into a space without losing out on performance.