Emergency Packs: LED Lights and Lighting from ECOLED
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Emergency Packs

Almost all of the ECOLED range can be used with our emergency packs.

Important considerations

Will the emergency pack you are using fit through the hole cut-out for the light fitting (diameter & depth)?

If not, it will be necessary to install the emergency pack remotely (5 metres Max), Remote mounting will involve altering the emergency pack, a service which Ecoled can provide at a small surcharge.

In some cases more than one light is required to be wired to the emergency pack to meet minimum load requirements.

Warranties on emergency packs

Each emergency pack will come with a log sheet which must be filled in and kept up-to-date, both for the warranty to be valid and for legal requirements. If you need to return an emergency pack for any reason we will require a copy of this log sheet.

Battery packs

As standard most of our emergency packs are supplied with a 3 cell flexi pack.

If required a pack can also be supplied in stick form or in plate form.