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Featured Project: Omar's Place

Ecoled have been featured in the latest issue of Premiere Hospitality

The luxury hospitality design magazine approached Ecoled following our involvement in the recently completed Omar’s Place project.

Omar’s Place is an amazing new restaurant, which brings a taste of the Mediterranean to the Captial. We worked with Sella Concept to design and manufacture bespoke miniature downlights from our Zep 6 Eyeconic range.

The luminaires had a flawless brass finish, which blended beautifully with the rose interior tones and terrazzo surfaces. They also matched the finish of the hanging pendants, which tied the whole project together.

It is an incredibly subtle lighting scheme, but one that truly makes this project pop.

The article even features an interview with our very own Marketing Director, James Cadisch. James Comments: “Tatjana and Gayle from Sella Concept have an incredible style and are extremely forward thinking with their designs.

“Architectural lighting is not often considered to be a part of the interior furnishings but the brass finishes worked so well on the scheme and the client seemed to be very happy.

“We pride ourselves on being able to design and manufacture a highly modular range of miniature yet very powerful luminaires that can be finished in pretty much everything and all produced in the UK.”

Read the full story at: http://online.fliphtml5.com/xahs/jtgw/#p=63