Flawless Finish: LED Lights and Lighting from ECOLED
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Flawless Finish

Flawless Finish

We believe that a better product deserves a better finish.

Among our core strengths is finishes - from simple powder coating to more complex methods, we can do it all. Using the highest quality metals available, we can “frame” the light in the finish of your choice to add a touch of luxury to your lighting designs.

Our flawless approach to finishes complements high cosmetic standards, including speciality finishes that either keep the feel of metal, wood, carbon or other desired quality finishes.

We have spent time developing finishes for internal use that originally would have been for external use only, such as rust. These internal finishes are unique to our products.

In using only the highest grade aluminium it also allows us to use finishing techniques which keep the feel of the metal itself. This ensures a natural finish with the additional benefit of being UV stable.

Whilst we love doing these interesting finishes we also powdercoat to any standard RAL colour.