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Flawless Finishes with Lighting CPD

We're delighted to announce our latest CPD has been accredited by the British Institute of Interior Design

Among our core strengths is our finishes. We frame our lights in a range of bespoke and speciality finishes, which can be customised using our online Product Selector tool. This has given users the freedom to achieve luxury flawless finishes in the smallest of designs, yet with an uncompromised power output.  

Our knowledge derives from the century-old heritage of our parent company and the experience of our sister company, who specialise in metal finishes. This is why our latest CPD is on how to design light with flawless finishes, as its a topic we know alot about.

The CPD aims to offer advice and guidance on how to design with lighting finishes to create beautifully lit spaces.

The lighting presentation covers topics including lighting positionings and finishing techniques, which will provide the audience with an understanding of what finish will work best for their projects.

Visit the BIID CPD providers directory for more information or if you'd like to book this free CPD please email us at: info@ecoledlight.co.uk