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Guest Blog: The Search for New Finishes

Renowned for their range of hand finished architectural metals, Cadisch MDA have become the leading supplier of bespoke products that offer an alternative to traditional building materials.

Last year the company launched a new range of special finishes called ‘Xerotec’. This was part of the company’s commitment to finding and developing the most comprehensive and diverse range of finishes in the industry.

Founder and Managing Director, Anthony Millington heads up product development, which includes the search for new finishes…

How did you develop your knowledge of finishing metals?

My knowledge has been picked up over the 15 years of working in the industry.

Originally, I found myself mainly dealing with types of polished stainless and galvanising mild steel, but in recent years we’ve seen a growth in aluminium powder coats and anodised finishes have also really moved on recently.

These types of finishes have really excited me; it feels like we are giving a second art form to the product.

What has been your favourite finish on a project?

It has to be the recent Temple House project that we completed at the beginning of this year.

It was a tough feat to convince the Conservation Planners to approve planning for the project brief; essentially, we had to make a very modern roof look old, whilst performing to very exacting standards.

We used perforated and corrugated aluminium panels that were powder coated to look and feel like rust, but with no orange leaching as it had to go over Velux windows.

The final effect was a really sharp looking roof that had rustic character… a bit like a Rat Rod of the car world!

To view the Temple House project click here 

What essentials do you need to know when specifying a finish?

There are so many things! It may be obvious to say but start with deciding what colour you really want, and then consider whether it needs to be metallic, matt or gloss - and then of course there’s always the budget!

Are you seeing any new finishing innovations coming on to the scene?

The patina finishes keep getting better and better. But I’m also seeing more finishes that actually serve a functioning purpose, such as anti-bacterial or PV. These are now coming through and I’d imagine that they’ll play a big part in the future of finishes.

What finishing trends do you think we’ll see next year?

More rust and patina! – the bronze and gold anodised finishes are also really popular at the moment and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

What top tip would you give clients?

If you are using a special finish such as a patinated powder coat or an anodised finish, allow time in your project. These things cannot be rushed!

Cadisch MDA specialises in architectural metals and meshes used for curtain walling, façades, cladding and building envelopes, focusing on the supply of bespoke expanded metal, woven wire mesh, perforated sheets and corrugated profiles.

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