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Immersed in Light

At Ecoled, we believe that lighting is the most powerful medium in the world to evoke emotion or to create a connection to any space or event. Whether natural or artificially created, we interact with light almost constantly, but we quite often overlook its significance or do not realise why we are so bound by its enchanting spell…

As summer slowly eases its way into Autumn, we thought it was a poignant time to reflect on the changing light we have in our world and to celebrate the wonderful lighting enjoyed over the summer. The immersive world of lighting is a powerful tool that is utilised in the events industry and is the fundamental conduit between the experience and the individual.

Our physical world has become crowded, stressful and this has heightened our desire to escape. As technology and art develops, the line between reality and virtual reality has become increasingly blurred as we continue to explore new realms of immersive entertainment that can block out our real-life surroundings.

One of the most powerful and also common tools in doing so is through the medium of light, as it has transformative qualities that react with our senses like no other stimuli.

Whether we realise it or not, we’ve probably all been submerged in some form of immersive lighting at some point: in theatres, at concerts, festivals, in spas and at DJ sets.

Immersive Lighting at Dua Lipa's Concert
Immersive Lighting at Dua Lipa's Concert


We now give equal attention to the lighting show happening in the background, as we do to the performance itself. And for some, the lighting has become the main event.


Immersive Lighting at Marshmellow Concert


We shouldn’t shy away from submerging ourselves in these types of immersive events. They offer strong visual statements that inspire our lighting designs and teach us how to design with drama.

Here are our must-see immersive lighting events to look out for:

  • Noisily - nestled in the Coney Woods, Noisily offers an alternative to the typical festival scene. It is an immersive celebration of psychedelic culture that feeds the mind, body and soul. It gets our vote for best light show at a festival in 2018! Noisily will return next summer, book tickets here.
  • Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirror Room – The Japanese artist has once again wowed crowds with the return of her Infinity Mirror Room. The immersive experience creates the illusion that visitors are adrift in endless space. This exhibition is taking place across the Wharf Road galleries and waterside gardens but tickets are limited, book here. 
  • Atelier des Luminaires – An appreciation of light in all its glory. Based in Paris, Atelier des Luminaires is an immersive exhibition that celebrates the power and beauty of light with three dedicated galleries to explore. Tickets are on sale here.
  • Au-delà des limites – Staying in France, Au-delà des Limites is an immersive universe that incorporates an enormous waterfall of interactive light, which submerges the audience. Tickets are available here.

We should all take a huge amount inspiration from these immersive journeys and realise the emotions we felt, can be translated into how we enjoy lighting every day, and how integral they are to designing an architectural project.

Whether they are highly dynamic and sound enhanced festivals or much more subtle and delicate concepts, the way that we experience the light dictates the way we connect with the space and how we use or enjoy it.

The use of coloured lighting in a festival or at a restaurant is exactly the same principal, creating a narrative that tells a story about the concept. Curated lighting effects or the design of darkness in a residential home are used to create drama and theatre, just like at any event you may attend.

All of these experiences create lasting memories, but it is often our interaction with light that solidifies these!