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In the Line Light

Renowned for its contemporary attitude towards fitness, BLOK has become one of London's most popular boutique gyms; and following the success of its first studio in Clapton, they have hired the help of Daytrip Studio and lighting designers There’s Light once again to design this latest space in Shoreditch.

Hidden in the depths of London’s East End, the original BLOK studio is housed in a disused Victorian tram depot. This time, the location is at the foot of the new Norman Foster development (Principal Place) located in the heart of Shoreditch.

Both studios have industrial heritage and architectural merit, but it is the depiction of the different colour gradients within the lighting design that sets the two apart and caters to the different themes of the fitness classes.

There’s light, worked alongside Daytrip Studio and the client team to design a lighting concept that leads on as a natural progression from the utilitarian ethos at the Clapton venue.

Lighting Designer Fabio from There’s Light talks through the inspired approach taken to the lighting design: “We start the journey at the café, which makes use of discreet glass shades over tables and focussed lighting on the artworks to promote a welcoming warm entrance to the space.

“Within the foyer we retained the use of colour, but refined this in a more unconventional style. Rather than washes of colours (that can be seen in the Clapton studio), we installed a coloured shadow installation.

“Then reaching the lobby, we are struck by the sculptural staircase and block forms, which are highlighted subtly with washes of light accenting the material combinations incorporated into interior by Daytrip.

“Again, we made use of graphic lighting in the corridor with a unique gradient of cold cathodes mounted onto the wall. Each studio has its own colour temperature designed to align with their purposes; warmer whites for lower intensity classes and cooler for higher.

“The façade lighting also reveals the interior activities and occupancy with a subtle gradient of white light emanating from each studio’s internal glow.”

The aluminium profiles suit the flexibility required from the design and are compatible with the lighting control system, allowing for a fully dimmable scheme.

The seamless lines of light make the entire space feel like one long corridor that plays with our senses and adds an understated depth to the interior design.

But don’t just take our word for it, read more about the award-winning project in Wallpaper Magazine.



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