Leadership: LED Lights and Lighting from ECOLED
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The Directors relish pushing designs to exacting standards with particular focus on flair and original ideas at an affordable price.

Their combined wealth of knowledge and complimentary skill sets give the business - which has a long standing history of working with metals and technology, the understanding and discipline of serving customers up-to-date technology with flexible project management against robust deadlines.

Herman van Driel

Herman has 20 years' experience in fast growth technology markets having held a number of senior roles at Philips and Medion (LenovoGroup). Has been at the forefront of new technology in the early days of Computers and LED with responsibility for commercial policy, sales channels and implementing market strategies. Herman leads the Ecoled business, combining his experience of component management and sales execution in several parts of the electronics industry in an international context.

Simon Cadisch

Chairman of the Cadisch Group, a company with a heritage of over 130 years which is still owned and managed by the Cadisch Family. At the core of the group is a deep understanding of metals, engineering and design. A long standing proven track record and experience in these disciplines has been instrumental in Simon defining the platform and processes to develop Ecoled Ltd, the origins of which the Group purchased in 2008. Simon is an entrepreneur with business interests covering a broad spectrum of different market sectors giving insight to the group on many different levels.

Anthony Millington

Co-Founded Cadisch MDA Ltd; the architectural arm of the Cadisch Group. Having grown up in the building trade in the family business Anthony has an extensive knowledge of architectural metals and claddings, from large scale facades and ceiling projects to bespoke one-off installations. The company has a reputation with architects and designers as a "go to" for the bespoke and specialises in finishes and detailing. In 2008 Anthony and Simon Cadisch identified the synergy between the clients and projects worked on with Cadisch MDA and the lighting industry and in 2008 the two purchased an LED business which grew into the standalone company Ecoled Ltd.

James Cadisch

James holds a First Class Honours degree in Business Management from Leeds University. After a stint in the Investment Banking sector as an analyst and running his own online business James joined Ecoled. James is a commercially minded marketeer with a strong focus on digital strategy and agitating change in the industry. He brings a powerful combination of creative and analytical skills to the business and has been instrumental in evolving Ecoled's customer engagement, including setting new standards in website functionality within the LED specification market. James leads Ecoled's marketing team.

Trevor Morgan

With 30 years in the lighting industry in various product design, lighting design and commercial roles, Trevor brings a wealth of experience to Ecoled. In his role as Specification & Design Director, Trevor is responsible for the design of our products and ensuring that our ranges are relevant in an ever-changing market. With a particular emphasis on Lighting Designers, he works closely with them to bring their project ideas to fruition.