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Light Imitating Light

In our latest series of blogs we are exploring the power of light in its immersive form. And many of these artistic, artificial lighting installations are designed to mimic the beauty of natural sunlight.

Designers often create these ‘sunray’ projections to achieve the sense that we are entirely surrounded or immersed in an experience.


But what can we take away from these types of immersive lighting schemes and apply to real world contexts?


Last month we listened to a talk by Mark Tweedale from Light4 Cundall.

Tweedale spoke at Darc Room: Live about ‘The Sunlight Simulation Experience’ project completed for Cundall at their commercial offices in Birmingham.

The project featured a striking staircase that sits in the middle of the open plan office. The client wanted to use light to accentuate the staircase and transform it into a feature statement.

It is lit with twelve controllable spotlights which circulate around the plantalier and project stunning shadows off of the staircase. These shadows slowly shift throughout the working day cycle, giving the simulation of sunlight.

Read more about the project here