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New Patent

We’re delighted to announce our most recent innovation within our Eyeconic range, which is protected under UK Patent No. GB2531664.

Our Eyeconic range is part of our miniature and modular collection. The bespoke design approach with the collection gives our clients the opportunity to blend the discrete devices into their surroundings, adding a touch of elegance to their spaces.

Within this range we have developed a unique and recently patented trimless plaster in version. This facilitates a post decorative fit, angle adjustment and allows an easy extraction of the lighting module, whilst remaining fully fire rated and IP65 accredited. With no requirement for spring clips, it has all the practicality of a bulb, but with the functionality of a luminaire.

Our patented tool allows removal of the luminaire and gives full accessibility to the wiring and drivers post-install. It takes the risk out of damaging the eyeball or plastering during installation and maintenance, and makes the entire process easier and stress-free.

With this latest patent, we now offer one of the smallest and most powerful trimless luminaires in the market.

Click here to view the range.