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Norgesglasset Bar, Oslo

Our Zep 6 luminaires puts the spotlight on the newly opened Norgesglasset Bar in Oslo Airport.

As part of the expansion development of Oslo Airport, architectural practice Snøhetta designed a unique bar, which is located in the centre of the new domestic terminal. The bar is inspired by the Norgesglasset jar, a classic Norwegian glass product used for food storage.

The lighting scheme for the bar was designed by Limelight and incorporates our range of Zep 6 miniature luminaires, which create a stunning glittering effect with the glass jars. 

Selected jars has been lit from within, allowing the light to be reflected through he glass and form interesting shadow play. 

Over 4,000 Norgesglasset jars were used to clad the ceiling and the curved walls around the bar and seating area. Jars were also suspended from the ceiling to the centre of the bar to create the eye-catching chandelier. 

The unmissable bar is now open and greets passengers to a taste of traditional Norway with a modern architectural twist. 

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