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Our CPD gets BIID Accreditation

We're delighted to announce that our latest CPD presentation on 'Lines of Light' has been BIID approved. 

Our CPD focusses on lines of light, linear lighting applications, technicalities, installations, specifications and examples of use. 

Completely free of charge, it's available to interior designers, architects, lighting designers and anyone interested in creating effective linear lighting.

The learning objectives for the CPD are:

  • Part 1: LED Chips - to provide the audience with an understanding of LEDs, what's good about them and most importantly, what to watch out for.
  • Part 2: Power - understanding the role that voltage plays on choosing which system is best for you and your project.
  • Part 3: Types of LED Strip - to gain knowledge on the advantages and disadvantages of the three different types of LED strip available in the market.
  • Part 4: Flexible Board - a discussion on the most common of the three and understand which chips best suits each situation.
  • Part 5: IP Rating - understand the importance of ensuring the Strip has the correct protection which will last for the life of the product. 
  • Part 6: Lighting Design - understand what to watch out for when specifying Strip and what types suit each project. 

The full CPD details are availble via the BIID directory, which you can access by clicking here.  Or alternatively, if you would like to book this CPD, please contact us on 0208 492 7633.