Our Lighting Design Predictions for 2017: EcoLED News
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Our Lighting Design Predictions for 2017

We've made our predictions on what the key lighting trends are going to be in 2017.


 As we enter a New Year, Company Director Herman Van Diel, has given his forecast on the stylish designs that are expected to light up homes this year...


  1. Refined

“Lighting design seems to be moving away from the quirky, vintage and industrial trends we have seen of late, such as the revival of the Edison bulb. In 2017, we’ll see a switch towards refinement; minimalist and elegant, sculptural lighting fixtures in high-shine and metallic finishes.”


CLASSICO: an elegant, hand-made aluminium bodied pendant finished in deep polished or satin nickel.



GLORI-A: hand-blown and crafted from crystal glass meaning each one is unique. Available in clear or grey glass colour options.


  1. Discreet

“As people move away from clutter and ‘stuff’ in a bid to make more space, clean linear lighting and embedded or recessed light sources will make headway. Fixtures will be super-sleek and inconspicuous, and on occasions almost invisible!”


LEDy: A delicate, graceful linear pendant table light is precision manufactured to offer a finish of exceptional quality. This energy-efficient luminaire boasts excellent heat-management capability for longevity coupled with a stunning design and simplicity of use.


DECOSTRIP: An architectural grade flexible linear LED strip manufactured to a high specification. Guaranteed colour consistency and reliability. Tailor made service available.



  1. Metallic

“No longer restricted to the catwalk, metallic tones such as gold, brass, copper, pewter and nickel have made their way into our homes through glamorous furnishings and accessories. 2017 will see this trend amplified, as fittings, fixtures and sanitaryware also get a Midas touch.

“In terms of lighting, finishes to fittings such as pendants and downlight bezels will create visual interest and help reflect light around a room. For a sophisticated aesthetic, mix warm tones (gold, brass, copper) with cool ones (pewter, nickel and silver).”


ECOLED’S INTERNAL FINISHES: Made from the highest-grade aluminium and available in a range of tones including Wet Bronze and Antique Gold.



  1. Miniature

“Lighting is already shrinking dramatically, with more compact optical systems and ultra-thin LED drivers entering the market. This is a due to two things; consumers wanting more discreet lighting and the growing pressure on the industry to reduce environmental impact by using less product.

“While this is good for the environment, it is also good for your bank balance; material costs for the manufacturer are reduced and in turn, prices should be lower for consumers.”


ZEP 6 MINI: A recessed 54mm miniature luminaire made from machined aluminium which is available in medium and wide light distribution beam, and a variety of finishes.



EYECONIC TRIMLESS:  A recessed and nearly invisible miniature luminaire. Available in a variety of finishes. The powerful, modular design benefits from a specially-designed, patented tool, which facilitates retraction of the eyeball without difficulty or damage (click here for full details).