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The evident craftsmanship and artistic handling of the porcelain material and the unique effect of the light, encouraged the jury of the 2005 DesignPlus competition to select the TJAO pendant lamp as its winner. Available in three different designs, the lamps are suspended by thin coaxial cable and feature a spherical bearing for better levelling of the shade.

TJAO mounts either on track systems or individual mounting nodes. Please contact us to discuss your requirement.

50'000hrs (LM80)
50'000hrs (LM80)
This symbol shows the expected hours or operation of a product in excess of 80% luminous flux (LM80).
This symbol denotes that a product meets the CE standard.
Where an ECOLED product carries this mark, it is ETL certified for use in North America & Canada

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Ecoled Lights can be custom made to your exact requirements. As there are many choices which can be made in building your light, we have created a configurator tool to make this a seamless and quick process.

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