Light Builder: Eco LED
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Colour Temperature Info

White light is described in Kelvin (K). Colour temperature bands are generally characterised as follows:

See Colour Temperature for a detailed description

Beam Angle

The beam angle is the area where the light is at its most intense. There are many beam angles available based around narrow, medium and wide light distribution. Ecoled class 15° and less as narrow beam, 30° - 45° as medium and 50° + as wide beam.

See Beam Control & Optics

CRI Help

CRI is a quantitative measurement of how accurate a light source can reveal an object's true colour. For more info see Tech Hub. CRI in the 80's is good and most commonly used in residential and hotel applications. CRI in the 90's is excellent an typical for high-end retail and restaurants.

See LED Quality for a detailed description of CRI

Dimming Help

Different dimming protocols which are essentially methods of communicating between the lights driver and the dimming controlling equipment. Mains dimming is most common in residential applications whereas 1-10v and DALI are most common in architectural systems used in hotels, restaurants and high end residential.

See Dimming & Lighting Control for a detailed description