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Recently Completed Project: FE Fitness Gym

Ecoled's discreet yet powerful range of LEDs compliment the industrial chic interior of the newly opened FE Fitness Gym in Whitechapel.

FE Fitness hit the headlines when it opened its doors in July 2016 and quickly became famous for its ultra-strict work-out regimes that suspend memberships if you fall behind your plan (FE stands for Iron on the periodic table). So it’s certainly not one for the faint hearted.

The client therefore required a contemporary designed space to match its modern attitude towards fitness and training. The interior has an industrial and minimalist style, which is reflected with Ecoled’s discreet Zep 1 & Zep 6 downlights and complimented with concealed linear LEDs from our Deco-Line range.

Lighting Designer Gus Goidanich has created layers of light to accentuate the concrete, brickwork and splashes of red and steel scattered around the room. These layers are controlled on a DALI dimmable system, which means the lighting can be adjusted to suit the different moods or functions in the gym.

This was an essential part of the project for the client. The space needed to be adjusted to suit different moods according to the different tasks and functions that take place.

The stand-out feature of the project is the backlight behind the mirrors, which gives the gym a luxurious style despite the rough texture of materials. The up/downlights in the light well also create depth, whilst boosting light levels in the basement where the gym is located. This brings the entire design of the space to life.

View the project by clicking here.