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Recently Completed Project: The Barn, London

Ecoled's Zep 3 and Zep 6 miniature and modular range were recently designed into a high-end residential property located in Hackney's prestigious Victoria Park.

The 1800 sq ft Barn underwent a complete renovation, which included rewiring the entire building. This provided a blank canvas for the lighting design and it was Ecoled’s discreet and powerful range that was the perfect choice for the project.

Our fittings complimented the open plan design of the Barn; they are powerful enough to light every area of the vast space, whilst their miniature, trimless design meant they did not overbear the layout and blended well with the natural light.

Our Zep 6 Eyeconic Trimless range was installed throughout the property, using different finishes to amplify the settings in each area. For instance we matched the eyeball of the fitting in the dining area with the same copper finish as the pendant that hangs above the table for an eye-catching effect.

But it’s not just the visual impact that our flexible, modular range benefits. They are also practical and great at achieving comfort in different settings. In the lounge, the client needed enough light for reading, but didn’t want to compromise this by having a glare off of the TV. To solution this, we used our black Zep 6 Eyeconic downlight to soften the light in this area.

We then used narrow beam Zep 3 inground darklights to highlight the feature staircase, whilst keeping it safe to walk up. Narrower beamed Adjustable AR111’s were then installed from the vaulted ceiling to further accentuate the striking artwork on the staircase.

The client now has full control over the dimming using DALI dimming control and a Mode control system so that every unit could be changed to suit the desired setting. A perfect way to create different room environments in an open plan space.

CLICK HERE to view the project.