Saving You Time: LED Lights and Lighting from ECOLED
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Saving You Time

Saving You Time

We understand that specifying can be time-consuming and confusing, especially when you consider what an extensive range of products and finishes are on offer. Our Zep 3 and Zep 6 ranges have over 11 million different configurations alone!

Our aim is to help save you time by taking the pain out of specifying. The new intuitive tools within our website have been designed to do just that.

Light Builder

Never before has configuring an architectural light been easier or more enjoyable!

We've created a new and improved Light Builder tool, designed to provide specifiers with a simple and methodical way of configuring our highly modular lights. You can personalise your product down to the very last detail to achieve the lighting effect and aesthetic finishes you require.

Customise your light by the type of fixture you want (uplights/downlights/linear lights), the bezel type and finish (the bit you see), luminaire power (light output), optics (beam angle) and choice of dimming options. At each stage of building your fixture, a virtual image of the product will be constructed. Once you're happy with how your fixture looks, download your bespoke specification sheet, which includes all your specific photometric and technical data.

You can then request a quote for your fixture, add it to your Product Collection or start to build a project with our new Project Builder feature.

You say how you want it and that's how we will build it!

Project Builder

Our Project Builder tool makes designing the lighting for a project a straightforward process. Many websites offer product data, but we've gone one step further with a personal project back office solution.

This feature allows you to create and manage individual projects in your account.

You can allocate configured products to specific rooms in a project, add quantities and allocate references, making the specification of your fittings easier to manage.

Your specific product data will all be stored in your account, so that your information is available at the click of a button. You can then arrange, move, delete or edit product details, even when reviewing your project as an online quote.

Once you're happy with your selection, send your entire project over to us to build as an official quote...

Whatever your lighting knowledge or background, managing your light projects has never been simpler.

Product Collection

Configured products can be stored in the Product Collection feature and saved to your personal account.

These saved products within your collection can be labelled for easy specification into projects as a quick reference whenever required at a later date. Your collection can be edited as and when needed with instant access to all relevant technical data conveniently stored within your account.

Part Code Builder

Like many other websites we also have a Part Code Build tool. We have invested heavily in our digital platform and consequently have developed our own version which is a much faster and simpler way of getting the part code you require from your specific product selection.

An individual code will be generated for you, as you configure your lights from a range of technical specifications and colour finish options.

What you'll see, is an individual product page with all the product information you have selected for your exact specification.

Following the configuration process, you're then able to request a quote, add it to your Product Collection or add it to a project using the Project Builder tool.