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Shortlisted for a Design Award

Congratulations to our client at Maaps Design & Architecture for being shortlisted at this year’s International Hotel & Property Awards. Their Club Quarters project at Lincoln's Inn Fields, which was designed using Ecoled's lights, is currently nominated for best Global Hotel Suite. 

Maaps recently completed a project for the Club Quarters hotel at Lincoln’s Inn Fields, creating a series of adaptive, executive interior room concepts for business use within a below ground space.

The design incorporated Ecoled’s range of architectural luminaires, offering the hotel’s core clients a unique environment that evokes a calm and efficient feel with the comfort of a refined residential space.

Ecoled's range of discreet luminaires add to the finesse of the space. The client did not want a superfluous design, rather they wanted to reflect the values associated with yacht and executive jet interiors.

The project has since been nominated and shortlisted for an International Hotel & Property Award for best Global Hotel Suite. The awards ceremony will be taking place later this month on Friday 23rd June in Italy and we want to wish our client the best of luck with their entry.

Voting for the awards is now live, cast yours at: