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Sponsors of the Museum of Architecture

We are delighted to be sponsoring not one, but two events organised by the Museum of Architecture (MoA) this year.


Visit 10 Thurloe Place (Kensington) during November for the Well Built event, which exhibits the latest thought leadership surrounding the importance of architecture in health and wellbeing.

As sponsors of the event, we’ve worked with the MoA to provide insight on how lighting can affect and improve your mood, health and wellbeing. We’ve also installed a special demonstration that shows how light can impact our circadian rhythms.

Then take a visit to the venue in December, where we’ll be lighting up the space once again for the exciting Gingerbread City Event. Architects will be putting their baking and construction skills to the test in the festive event that involves the entire community.

The venue is located directly opposite the Victoria and Albert Museum and is open every day from 10am until 7pm throughout November and December. Both events are completely free to attend, so make sure you do not miss out on either.