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Lighting to get you through Winter

Now that the adverse effects of winter have suddenly set in, there is no better time than now to think about light.


And it’s easy to settle for a warm, softly lit space to comfort us on a cold dark night. But what about when we need to prepare dinner, or catch up on paperwork - Is the space adequately lit for all of our everyday tasks?

It is important to design a space that offers seasonal comfort but it is also important to remain practical. Dimmer switches can help with our need for versatility at this time of year. Dimming systems can provide us with a spectrum of white light that can be adjusted to suit the different tasks and atmospheric requirements of the home.

Better still, if your lights are dimmable you will be able to install a controls system, which will cleanse your walls of rows of dimming switches. These types of systems can range from a single or multiple circuit solution to a fully integrated system with keypad, smart device or voice control appliances.

With an integrated system, you are able to pre-program scenes to suit moods or tasks without spending time fiddling around with dimming switches. You can control all of your lights at the flick of a switch!

Other benefits of switching to a control system include:

  • Energy saving

The user will benefit economically and environmentally as the light can easily be adjusted to the required output level as opposed to constantly operating at 100%

  • Security

This time of year is notorious for burglaries in homes, but with a controls system we can program our lights to switch on when it is dark or even integrate with the home automation system so that the lights switch on if an alarm is triggered.

  • Ambiance

During the cold dark months, there is nothing more welcoming to return home to than a warmly lit house. Installing a controls system will allow us to program the light to switch on as we return home.

Fundamentally, an effective controls system can complement your design, save you money, energy and respond to your specific requirements.

Ecoled lights can be made dimmable when accompanied with the correct dimmable driver or power supply. Read more about control compatibility here.