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The Return of Winter Lights

Our favourite winter light festival has returned to the Capital for its fifth year and is once again lighting up the streets around Canary Wharf with its spectacular lighting installations.

This year the lighting event has returned with 20 new installations to muse over. It’s brought together artists from all over the world to create one of the most imaginative shows in the industry.

Here’s an overview of this year’s line-up:

1. Prismatica, by Raw Design in Collaboration with Atomic3 & Sponsored by TFL

Prismatica is a kaleidoscope of colour at Jubilee Plaza.

The giant prisms resemble ice structures that can be twisted and turned by visitors to create changing projections of colour.


2. Two Hearts by Stuart Langle

In a momentary flicker of light, two love hearts appear on the side of the residential skyscapper at Newfoundland Park (viewing point Cubitt Steps). 

The giant hearts span over nine floors and symbolise life and energy in the building.


3. Sasha Trees by Adam Decolight

Westferry Circus has been transformed into a magical forest of light.

Neon trees sit between the natural foliage in the area, transforming visitors into a Narnia-esque winter scene.


4. Angles of Freedom by Oge Collective

Stand in front of the illuminated wings at Jubilee Place and become your own angle.

The large colourful wings have travelled across the world and connected many people on their way.


5. Whale Ghost by Pitaya

At the Cubitt Steps is an overwhelming sculpture of light designed to resemble the fossils of a whale.

The use of the word ‘ghost’ is intended to conjure a sense of ‘disappearance’ and reflect the impact that mankind is ensuing on marine life.


6. Blue Neuron by Zac Greening

Over in Columbus Courtyard is a kinetic light installation made from heat-treated plastic bottles.

Typical to the works of Greening, the installation sends a powerful message on sustainability, environment and consumption.


7. Lightbench by LBO Lichtbank

Nestled amongst the foliage of Canada Square Park are the stunning illuminated benches that discreetly change colour and light the way through the park.


8. Submergence by Squidsoup

One of the most instagrammable installations of the event is Submergence at Montgomery Square.

As its name suggests, you are submerged into a field of a thousand lights, which hang around you from all angles.


9. BIT.FALL by Julius Popp

Located in Chancellor Passage at Middle Dock, BIT.FALL is a stunning combination of water and light.

Upon each cascade of water from the waterfall, a different word is revealed and illuminated. The installation is representative of the speed at which we receive information in a modern society, and each word is derived from a live feed on The Times’ website.


10. Time & Tide by Paul & Pute

Staying with the sustainability theme in Columbus Courtyard, Time & Tide is an hourglass of light and colour that reminds us of the plastic polluting our oceans and offers a sense of urgency that surrounds the crisis.


11. Floating Islands by Mürüde Mehmet

Along the river at Jubilee Park are floating rafts made of plastic bottles, raising awareness of how much pollution can be created by everyday plastic packaging.

The artist worked with the local children at Tower Hamlets to create the recycled floats.


12. Heofon Light Maze by Ben Busche of Brut Deluxe

Lose yourself in the neon light maze at Cabot Square. The installation is made up of walls of geometric shapes that shift and change along the entire colour spectrum of the rainbow.


13. Colour Moves by Rombout Frieling Lab

Let your mind be blown away by Colour Moves at Adams Plaza Bridge. The immersive installation is an exploration of the movement and perspective of colour and pattern.


14. Recyclism by Oskar Krajewski / Art of OK

At Crossrail Place (Level 0) Recyclism is a symbolic appreciation of the environment. The sculpture is made up of recycled materials and portrays a colourful futuristic world.


15. Flow by Squidsoup

Over at Jubilee Park is Flow, a visual representation of data, energy and objects. The inspiration has a volcanic-like presence with the red light that flows out of the tree and onto the ground below.

It explores the art form of ripples and references Aboriginal and Japanese artwork.


16. Aura by Ronan Devlin

At the North Dock by Adams Plaza the immersive Aura installation cleverly combines art and technology; the installation projects its your movements and emotions in a giant spray of water.


17. We Could Meet by Martin Richman

One of Canary Wharf’s permanent installations is ‘We Could Meet’; an array of over 500 colour-changing acrylic rods situated in a water fountain, located at Quayside Level -1 at Crossrail Place.


18. Vena Lumen by Fontys Vena Lumen Team

Vena Lumen translates to ‘pulsing light’ and as its namesake suggests the installation is an interactive light that reacts to your heartbeat. Take a seat on the bench at Crossrail Place Roof Garden (Level -1) and you’ll see the illustration of two lives colliding as one.


19. Enchanted Connections by Tine Bech Studio

Enchanted Connections is an imaginative installation of art and technology allowing the audience to interact with the light surrounding them; Located on the Roof Garden (Level 1) at Crossrail Place.


20. Last Parade by Alexander Reichstein

Last Parade is a charming video projection of wildlife strolling along the Riverside at Crossrail Place in Quayside (Level -1).

The deeper message behind the installation is that the animals featured in the video are actually all the endangered and threatened species that march along until their shadow sadly fades out.


The incredible light festival is FREE to attend and open everyday from 5pm-10pm, Tuesday 15th January - Saturday 26th January. Read more here.