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What We Loved About January

We had no time to catch the January blues this year thanks to all the incredible lighting events happening around London this month. Here's just a few of our favourite things...

January may be a notoriously bleak month for many, but for us, it flew by. And that’s mainly because there were so many light festivals and installations for us to celebrate. 

This month we saw the return of Lumiere London and Winter Lights at Canary Wharf. Both festivals displayed incredible installations that transformed the streets of London into their own light exhibition.

One of our favourite sculptures was from Winter Lights festival was ‘On Your Wavelength’ by Marcus Lyall, which is captured in our video above. The installation incredibly allows you to control light patterns using just your mind.

Lyall commented: “This is an experiment where visitors are able to use their brain functions and mental state to control a large-scale, physical audio-visual composition.  The installation creates a social space, where you display your inner self in a way that is both intimate and anonymous. You are being asked to focus, but in a space that puts you on public display.

“The composition will act as part of a feedback loop. So that if you focus, the installation will respond by becoming more focussed.”

The full synopsis and Artists' statement can be read by clicking here.

We also made it out to Architects @ Work in Olympia this month. The two day exhibition this year chose to focus on the very fitting theme of light and architecture. 

As lighting people, we are always promoting the importance of good lighting with the belief that it is the fourth dimension to architecture. So it was great to see that so many of our peers shared the same values.

The event focussed on designing lighting schemes for architectural and interior design projects, looking at how both architectural and natural lighting can be used to reflect or change a mood.

We have lots of top lighting tips that we can share; Why not check out our blog to view more. 

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