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Yes Please Blogger Recommends Ecoled Fittings

Lifestyle Blogger Lotte Brouwer has an eye for interior design and in her latest post she delves into the realm of lighting with the help of Ecoled.

Good lighting is essential to a beautiful interior and especially now that the evenings are getting shorter – and darker. Which is why in her latest interior blog, Lotte offers guidance on how to design lighting that beautifully blends with the surrounding décor to create a harmonious space.

As well as looking at the simplicity of the understated downlight, Lotte also looks at the importance of choosing the right finish, with consideration to pallets that work well together. This is where we come in.

Our bespoke luminaires are available in a variety of custom finishes, which gives our users the ability to match their lights to the project décor. Or for a stand-out statement piece we can also offer our speciality finishes, which includes rust, aged copper, antique bronze and even wood or carbon.

The blog is available to read by clicking here.