ZEP#2 - ZEP 2 Trimless Black - LED Lights from ECOLED
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ZEP 2 Trimless Black

Colours/Finishes Available

Power & Dimensions

Round recessed 90mm trimless luminaire with anti-glare design and deep set mounting frame for high visual comfort. Available in medium light distribution beam.

  • 10w  light engine
  • 3-step MacAdam colour consistency guarantee on LED’s giving high quality of light
  • IP44
  • Recessed, with 104mm ceiling cut-out using plaster frame
  • Dimmable via Mains/1-10/DALI
  • RAL colour options on special order

Lighting Type – General and Accent Lighting
Application – Ceilings
Architectural Segment - Hotels, Homes and Restaurants

Where displayed, this symbol shows a fittings’ Ingress Protection – the level of protection against solid objects and/or water. See our separate IP rating table for a more detailed explanation.
5 Year Warranty
5 Year Warranty
This symbol shows the warranty period offered per product.
This symbol denotes that a product meets the CE standard.
This symbol, where displayed, denotes that an ECOLED product can be dimmable. The method of dimming may vary and further enquiry should be made of ECOLED to ensure compatibility with your switch or control system.
3 Step MacAdam
3 Step MacAdam
This icon displayed tells you the product is using an LED Diode of 3 Macadam Steps. (see our TECH HUB for details)
Part L1&2
Part L1&2
If displayed, this symbol denotes that a fitting is compliant with Parts L1 & L2 of the building regulations.
50'000hrs (LM70)
50'000hrs (LM70)
This symbol shows the expected hours or operation of a product in excess of 70% luminous flux.
104mm Cut Out
104mm Cut Out
This is the symbol for the hole cut out for the product. The diameter of the hole required to be cut in the ceiling for the light fitting to be inserted.

Projects featuring the ZEP 2 Trimless Black

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Part Code Generator

Ecoled Lights can be custom made to your exact requirements. As there are many choices which can be made in building your light, we have created a configurator tool to make this a seamless and quick process.

Simply select from the options given in the assortment of categories to specify your desired product on a step-by-step basis. Once all of the categories have been completed, review your finished product choice on screen with the exact correlating product code. Once complete, add to your Collection, Projects or Request a Quote.